We are a watchdog group of concerned parents and community members working to ensure the future of quality educational services in the Pennsbury School District.

Pennsbury Bully
Setting a good example?

Pennsbury Bully

Bullying is not tolerated in the Pennsbury School District. Is this the kind of example a school board member should be setting for our children?

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The Contract Game
Misleading savings

The Contract Game

To date, our board members and its spokesman have made purposefully misleading statements about outsourced savings with inflated projected budgets.

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School Safety
How safe are our students?

School Safety

The cost of private transportation lead to cuts in services for Bristol Township.

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Property Values
District bond rating drops

Property Values

Pennsbury has always maintained a good bond rating, because the district has always been in complete control of all aspects of daily operations including cost controls.

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Welcome... to United Pennsbury

We are parents and homeowners from the four corners of the Pennsbury School District’s four municipalities. We are greatly concerned that the current School Board majority is not addressing important key issues wisely, in order to pursue their more self-serving agenda. The current Board majority is not acting in our best interest for the future. Items of primary importance are the district’s educational ranking in the State and the sale of district assets to mention a few.

It is a fact that our home values and a thriving local business base is directly influenced by the quality of our school system. We are working to ensure that our School Board and Administrators are acting in the best interest of all Pennsbury students and community members for the present and the future.

Closures / Redistricting

Pennsbury School Closures
When the number of students in the district declines to a certain point, the closing of an entire school becomes a reasonable option. The closure eliminates the operating cost for the building, a percentage of the administrative costs, and the capital costs to keep the school in good condition. The School Board currently favors closing Village Park Elementary School. A complete analysis must to be undertaken and agreed by all stakeholders before a decision is reached.

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Professional Recruitment

Pennsbury Job Recruitment
Pennsbury is one of the highest paying school districts in the State; it is not unreasonable, then, to expect to see that ability and quality reflected in teacher resumes. The Board and Administration should ensure that we continue to attract and hire educators from the top echelons of the teaching profession.

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Academic Ranking

Pennsbury School Academic Ranking
In the mid 90’s the Pennsbury School District was ranked 12th among Pennsylvania’s 503 school districts, today the district is ranked 120th. It is not about demographics as Pennsbury’s have remained the same and other higher ranked schools have similar demographics. A detailed analysis can identify and sort the issues in order to create a plan to move ahead on.

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The Coming School Board Election

There are four positions that will be open in this year’s election: Simon Campbell and Kathleen Zawacki’s in Region 1 and Allan Weisel and Howard Goldberg’s in Region 3. Allan Weisel, Howard Goldberg, and Kathleen Zawacki have decided not to run, Simon Campbell is. The primary election was on May 21, 2013.

In the past candidates have cross filed – meaning they have obtained enough signatures on the Republican and Democrat party petitions to be listed as candidates for both parties; this was accomplished by all six candidates in 2013.

Each party can choose to endorse candidates for the position. The Democratic Clubs for LMT/Yardley and Falls have already met. LMT/Yardley has endorsed Debra Wachspress and Josh Waldorf for Region 1 and Deb Deblasio and Alison Smith for Region 3. The Falls Democratic Club has endorsed Deb Deblasio and Alison Smith for Region 3. The YardleyMakefield Republican Committee chose to endorse Simon Campbell and three other candidates with views similar to Campbell’s for the four open positions. The Falls Republicans endorsed the two Campbell selections for Region 3.

These are the results for the Pennsbury School District in detail.

The big picture is that Wachspress and Waldorf will be the Democratic candidates for Region 1, and Campbell and Simon will be the Republican candidates.

Smith and DeBlasio will be the Democratic candidates for Region 3, and Tenney and Lawrence will be the Republican candidates.

Of equal importance is that Wachspress and Waldorf won the majority of combined Democratic and Republican votes in Region 1; Smith and DeBlasio won the majority of both in Region 3. Simon Campbell and Skip Tenney were tied for last in total number of votes.

The most important element to any election is getting people to the polls to actually vote. This school board election is a very important one! Any and all help with canvassing houses, coordinating efforts, calling on election day and working the polls is needed and appreciated.

Strong decision-making requires analysis, the balancing of needs and concerns and the ability to see the long-term implications of an action. Our mission is to elect school board members who will exhibit a healthy group dynamic that shows respect and trust for our children, the community and each other. Let's elect a school board that represents team spirit, not an ego parade. Please join United Pennsbury. Thank you!